a good reputation on YouTube, you must know about what your sole purpose is. If you want to present yourself as a singer on YouTube, you should continue being a singer and not get into dancing because it may have negative consequences on your channel growth. Whether you make videos for viewers’ entertainment or educational purposes, you should continue with the same topic. It’s important to work according to the category your channel comes under, otherwise, your channel is less likely to grow. All the professional YouTubers work according to the category their channel comes under. YouTube starts recommending such channels so that viewers may watch them. Making videos on the same topic helps you get recognition soon and lets you go viral in an easy way.

Engage with your audience

It’s important to understand the value of interaction on how to grow youtube channel. If you don’t know how to engage with your audience, you have slim chances of getting success on YouTube. Some of you may ask what is the best way to engage with the audience on YouTube. The answer is ‘Community tab’. Community tab on YouTube is the best way that can be used to engage with the audience. You can engage with your audience by asking some encouraging questions that urge them to answer. The community tab is a good feature that most YouTubers have started using to engage with the audience. The sad thing to say about the community tab is, you should have more than 1,000 subscribers on your YouTube channel to take advantage of this feature. Once your YouTube channel gets the feature, you can post photos too on YouTube. The community tab is a great way to engage with your audience.

Use the story tab effectively

The story tab is one of the best features that YouTube has released over recent years. Not only the Community tab lets you engage with the audience but the story tab lets you do so too. With the help of the story tab, you can post your short videos that can be visible up to 24 hours. The story tab feature on YouTube is just like the story feature on Facebook. Similar to Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites, the video uploaded to YouTube’s story tab remains visible just up to 24 hours. You can post your videos through the story tab and ask your audience about how interesting your content is. You can ask them about what kind of video they want next time. All these questions make your audience feel happy. If you are trying to make a good space in the hearts of viewers, you must upload a video to the story tab so that you may have an idea about how quickly your audience responds to your videos. It’s not easy to get the story tab. To get the story tab on your YouTube channel, your YouTube channel should have more than 10,000 subscribers. If your subscriber count has exceeded 10,000 and you have not yet received the story tab, you can apply for this by sending mail to the YouTube team from the channel that has completed the threshold of 10,000 subscribers.

Create eye-catching thumbnails

Creating attractive thumbnails is the most important. Without a good thumbnail, nobody would love to click to play the video. The thumbnail should be so attractive that it compels readers to click on the video. It should be creating curiosity. Your words on the thumbnails should be written attractively so that people find them interesting. If your thumbnails deserve attention, they will surely get it. If you are searching for tips online to learn more about creating thumbnails, you are just wasting your time doing so. Creating thumbnails is the art that can’t be learned from anywhere. It is the creativity that a YouTuber should nurture within. You should observe some popular YouTubers and try to understand why people click on their videos and what is the thing that makes their thumbnails look so amazing. The value of thumbnails can’t be overlooked on YouTube. You can use Canva to design thumbnails. It lets you create awesome thumbnails. Although Canva offers you many features for designing a good thumbnail, yet the best thumbnail depends just on your creativity. All the tips above are useful enough and may result in success on YouTube.

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